The Story

Shut Up and Dress Me Inc. was born out of the ever growing need to fulfill the style needs of the busy professional that wants to look their best for all the events life has to offer, but with as little effort at possible... and we are here to say YES you can have your cake and eat it too!

For far too long the idea of having a personal stylist was something only accessible to the elite crowds of socialites and high profile celebrities, posing for red carpets and paparazzi but we at Shut Up and Dress Me Inc. know this is an experience every person on the planet should have.

CEO and Director of Talent, Dale Hodder has spent the past decade and a half working with clients from all walks of life, dressing them for the biggest moments of their lives.  Over time it was the connections with real people and seeing the joy of pure happiness slowly take over as they began to see themselves transform into the stylish person they have always wanted to be, but still feeling truly connected to who they are inside and out.

Shut Up and Dress Me's line of "ME" services are accessible to all, whether you're a media persona developing your brand to music industry artists, corporate professionals and anyone else that wants to adjust how they present themselves to their colleagues and peers.

So take the first step and say Shut Up and Dress Me!